1,605 petitioners call for O'Herns Road-Hume Freeway Interchange

Andrew Giles MP, Federal Member for Scullin, yesterday tabled in the House of Representatives a petition from 1,605 residents in Epping North. 

Mr Giles said the residents are calling on the Abbott Liberal Government and the Victorian Government to fund road infrastructure in Epping North. 

“There is a real need for investment in transport infrastructure,” Mr Giles said.

“There is widespread support for O’Herns Road-Hume Freeway Interchange in Epping North to be built as a matter of priority,” Mr Giles said. 

 “People are concerned at the significant social and economic disadvantage faced by residents and businesses due to the lack of services and infrastructure in Epping and Wollert.” 

“It is lamentable that there is still no action from State or Federal Governments to fund road infrastructure in Epping North, and relieve some of the congestion. 

The 1,605 petitioners are seeking funding for:

  • The design and construction of the northern and southern ramps connecting O’Herns Road with the Hume Freeway;
  • The duplication of the remaining section of the single carriageway of O’Herns Road between the Hume Freeway and Redding Rise; and
  • The four-land carriage way on Edgars Road between Cooper Street and O’Herns Road. 

“I pay particular tribute to the hard work and dedication of the Aurora Community Association, particularly Cara Horner and Toni-Marie Wuelfert, for their advocacy on behalf of local residents.

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