8,139 residents sign Save Medicare petition

Andrew Giles MP, the Federal Member for Scullin, has been overwhelmed with the response from the community to the Abbott Government’s proposed changes to Medicare and bulk-billing. 

“8,139 residents in the Scullin electorate have now petitioned the Parliament to oppose a $7 co-payment for GP visits, blood tests and x-rays,” said Andrew Giles. 

“These 8,139 residents reflect the outrage within the community about Tony Abbott’s plan to dismantle Medicare and reduce access to bulk billing.”

“I was pleased to table the petition on Wednesday 3 September in the House of Representatives. Many more petitions are still arriving at my office. 

“This petition demonstrates how important universal health care is to people in Scullin and in electorates right around Australia.” 

“Scullin has the highest bulk-billing rates of any electorate in Victoria. Currently 93% of visits to the GP are free. The $7 GP tax will end this. 

“Families in Scullin could be forced to fork out more than $5.9 million very year to visit the doctor if the Abbott Government introduces the $7 GP tax. 

“People want this Government to keep their promise of no cuts to health.” 

The petition, signed by 8,139 residents, reads as follows: 

There are deep concerns with the proposed changes to Medicare through the Abbott Government’s 2014-15 Federal Budget. 

Notably, the $7 co-payment for GP visits, blood tests and x-rays will mean families and pensioners will pay more for their health care. 

Currently over 93% of GP services are bulk billed in the Scullin electorate. 

We ask the House to oppose this Budget measure of a $7 co-payment and take urgent steps to reject Tony Abbott’s plan to end universal bulk billing.

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