A Cruel Budget for Pensioners and Families

Andrew Giles MP, Federal Member for Scullin, has accused the Abbott Liberal Government of delivering a budget that will hurt the most disadvantaged in the community, and will end universal health care. 

Andrew Giles MP said this is a cruel budget that is built on broken promises. 

“Those that are least able to pay are targeted – the sick, the aged, the disabled and the unemployed. While those most well off in the community will only be hit with a temporary debt tax. 

“The Prime Minister has broken his promise that there would be no cuts to health, no cuts to education, and no changes to pensions.

“It will be Pensioners and families that will pay for the Prime Minister’s broken promises.

“Tony Abbott will cut the current fair indexation system – which ensures the Aged Pension, Disability Support Pension and Carer’s Payment keep pace with the cost of living – and instead index these pensions by inflation.

“Had Tony Abbott’s new indexation system been in place for the last four years, a single pensioner on the maximum rate would be $1,560 a year worse off than they are today.

“This is also the end of bulk billing and the end of universal health care.

“A $7 tax for every GP visit will mean Scullin residents will be paying $6.8 million a year to see the doctor. And then they will be paying another $7 to get a blood test or an X-ray, and $5 more for each prescription.

For Scullin residents, this budget will mean:

  • Paying more for health care with a $7 tax for every GP visit, blood test or X-ray and an extra $5 for prescription medicines;
  • Longer hospital waiting lists with a $3 billion cut in funding for public hospitals;
  • Cuts to the Aged Pension, Disability Support Pension and Carers’ Payment and tightened eligibility from 2017;
  • Cuts to school funding with $6.5 billion cut from schools over the next 5 years;
  • People under 30 who need Newstart or Youth Allowance will be forced to wait 6 months before receiving any support;
  • A new fuel tax;
  • Cuts to family payments with the Family Tax Benefit Part B payment now to be cut when the youngest child turns 6. Currently the payment is received until the child is 16. Income threshold will be reduced to $100,000.
  • School Kids Bonus to be abolished with eligible families to lose $410 per year for primary aged children and $820 a year per secondary aged child.

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