Abbott Causes Cost of Living Crisis in Our Cities

A joint Media Release with Terri Butler MP.

A new report published by the Australasian Railway Association highlights the impact that the Abbott Government’s refusal to invest in urban rail is having on Australian families.

Under Tony Abbott, Australians are experiencing historically low wage growth amidst continued cost of living increases. The family budget is at breaking point.

For people living in the outer suburbs, investment in urban rail is more important than ever.

People in the outer suburbs need affordable options to get to work. Tony Abbott’s anti-urban rail agenda effectively prices people out of employment.

The report finds that people commuting from Melbourne’s West to inner Melbourne could save up to $10,000 and from Melbourne’s South East to inner Melbourne, up to $13,000 with public transport options.

For Brisbane residents, the report finds that people commuting from Logan to the inner city could save up to $12,000 and from Moreton Bay South to the inner city, up to $13,000 with public transport options.

Tony Abbott’s refusal to fund Melbourne Metro and the Cross River Rail Project in Brisbane has made these potential savings impossible to realise.

Tony Abbott is not just denying people public transport and associated savings, but he's also increased fuel tax - so whichever way you get to work he's costing Australians more.

The Abbott Government’s refusal to listen stands in contrast with Labor’s approach.

This report confirms what Labor’s cities and cost of living caucus committees have heard from community members, business groups and experts regarding how vital it is for the Commonwealth Government to invest in urban rail and to have a national urban policy.

The Commonwealth Government needs to recognise that a national urban policy is a key factor in relieving the cost of living pressures faced by everyday Australians.

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