Abbott isolated on urban policy

Key business figures are continuing to attack Tony Abbott’s lack of an urban policy, with the Business Council of Australia today calling for Commonwealth leadership to provide greater focus on the efficiency and prosperity of cities.

Mr Abbott is becoming increasingly isolated on urban policy given his refusal to invest in urban public transport and his hands-off approach to the entire issue of urban development.

BCA Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott today joined the chorus of critics who are concerned about Tony Abbott’s flying blind approach to our cities.

‘Ms Westacott shares Labor’s aspirations for Australia’s cities to become more creative, innovative and more prosperous, as well as Labor’s concerns about the danger of simply “muddling through”.


‘What’s clear is that this Government is completely out of step with expert and stakeholder views in Australia and abroad - even the British Conservatives have a dedicated policy for their cities’, said Mr Giles.

Labor is filling the void this Government has left, and has already received a positive response from experts, including the Grattan Institute, as well as from community leaders and local councils who have briefed Labor Members and Senators about issues affecting all of our cities.

We recognise that Australia in the 21st century can only realise its opportunities if it engages with the great challenge of ensuring that our cities are as productive, sustainable and liveable as they can be.

‘If the BCA, whose former President co-authored Mr Abbott’s Commission of Audit, and David Cameron understand that productive cities are critical to 21st century prosperity, why won’t Mr Abbott?’ Mr Giles asked.

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