Another broken promise as Turnbull pulls the plug on the NBN

Andrew Giles MP, Federal Member for Scullin, said that the Abbott Government has betrayed families and businesses in Scullin by breaking its promise to give all Australians access to 25Mbps by 2016. 

Before the election Tony Abbott guaranteed that all Australians would have access to at least 25 mbps by the end of 2016, saying: 

“Under the Coalition by the end of 2016…there will be minimum download speeds of 25megabits.” Coalition policy launch – 9 April 2013 

Yesterday Malcolm Turnbull abandoned this commitment.

“The Abbott Liberal Government has pulled the plug on Labor’s high-speed fibre broadband NBN and broken its promise to give all Australian access to 25Mbps by 2016,” Mr Giles said. 

“This will mean businesses and households will be stuck in broadband limbo.” 

“The Abbott Liberal Government has already disappointed 2,400 households and businesses in South Morang when they pulled the plug on their fibre-to-the-home broadband services.” 

 “The Strategic Review needed to say when families and businesses in suburbs like Epping, Lalor and Diamond Creek can expect a connection and how much it will cost them.” 

“Instead, all this review has done is break a promise to people in our community.” 

“The Strategic Review has failed and Malcolm Turnbull should immediately scrap his plans for a second-rate broadband network that relies on last century’s copper and support Labor’s fibre NBN.”

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