Budget cuts $36 million from Northern Hospital

The Abbott Government’s Budget will cut $36 million from the Northern Hospital, resulting in bed closures and longer wait times for emergency and elective surgery. 

Andrew Giles MP, Federal Member for Scullin, spoke in Parliament yesterday on how families in Scullin will be hit the hardest by the Abbott Government’s cruel cuts to Australia’s health system. 

“On 1 July, this year, the Northern Hospital will have $4.7 million cut from its budget,” Mr Giles said. 

“The full effect of these budget cuts will make Northern Health over $36 million worse off over the next four years. This cut in funding would pay for almost 7,000 surgeries.

“Such a drastic cut in funding will increase emergency department waiting times, increase elective surgery waiting times, and reduce the number of hospital beds. 

“Northern Health provides health care in the northern suburbs, one of Melbourne’s fastest growing areas. 

 “With such a growing population, the Northern Hospital needs more funds, not less. I fear the cuts will result in a decline in the standard of care. 

“This Federal Budget represents a number of clear broken promises by Tony Abbott to the people of Scullin. 

For Scullin residents, the Abbott Government’s Budget includes:

  • Cuts in hospital funding of $36 million to Northern Health;
  • A $7 tax for GP visits, blood tests and x-rays;
  • More expensive medicines, with the cost to rise to $42.70, and for concessional patients the cost will be $6.90;
  • Cuts to the Medicare Local, a primary health care organisation that coordinates primary health care and tackles local health care needs. 

“These measures will spell the end of universal healthcare and bulk billing, and increased out of pocket costs. It will be harder for people to seek the care they need when they need it,” Mr Giles said.

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