Budget slams door on family visas

The Abbott Government’s Budget has delivered a cruel blow to local communities by closing the door on low and middle-income earners ever bringing their parents to Australia. 

Andrew Giles, Federal Member for Scullin, has expressed dismay that the Non-contributory Parent Visa has been abolished. 

“Minister Scott Morrison has now reduced the chances of people ever bringing their parents to Australia by abolishing the Non-contributory Parent Visa,” Mr Giles said. 

“This decision will mean low and middle-income families will have no way of bringing their parents to Australia, unless they can fork out up to $125,000,” Mr Giles said.

All new applications under the Non-contributory Parent visa category and Other Family visa Category (including Aged Dependent Relative, Remaining Relative and Carer) have been abolished. 

On Monday, Scott Morrison introduced these changes, ensuring they come into effect with no notice to the community. 

“This will be devastating for communities like Scullin, where 40 per cent of residents were born overseas.” 

“Local families will face an up-hill battle in being reunited with their families.” 

“The sponsored Carer’s visa, which allowed families to bring an immediate family member to Australia to provide care for an unwell or disabled family member, has also been abolished.” 

“This will put additional pressure on Australia’s public health and aged care services.” 

The Non-Contributory visa Category includes sponsored parent, aged parent, carers and remaining relative visa. The Contributory stream will still be available, and can cost up to $125,000 for both parents to come to Australia.

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