Cities Crucial to Fighting Climate Change: Expert

Cities expert, Professor Norman from the University of Canberra, has today condemned the irresponsible approach of the Abbott Government towards climate change and Australia’s cities.

Professor Norman highlights the crucial role cities can play in fighting climate change and contrasts this with the fecklessness of the Abbott Government.

Professor Norman writes:

“Unfortunately, at the national level in Australia there has been active disengagement from climate change mitigation in our cities. The Major Cities Unit, which provided advice to the federal government on developing Australia’s 18 biggest cities, was abolished.


“The Federal Government has also withdrawn investment in public transport, caused uncertainty on renewable energy targets and abolished the price on carbon pollution. We also have no national strategy for adapting to climate change.”

This is yet another voice adding to the chorus of condemnation of this chaotic Government’s approach to climate change, and our cities.

As Julie Bishop and Andrew Robb fight amongst themselves in Lima, they should turn their minds to the role our cities can play in tackling climate change.

It’s time the Abbott Government listened to the experts and put the interests of our cities and our environment ahead of its internal shenanigans.

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