Family Violence speech in Parliament

Yesterday afternoon I was very proud to be in this place as the Leader of the Opposition led a debate on a genuine matter of public importance—that is, the epidemic that is family violence. It was extraordinary to listen to the powerful contributions from members on both sides. I acknowledge my friends the member for Gellibrand and the member for Griffith, who spoke effectively, articulately and compellingly in that debate, as did the member for Sydney and the member for Jagajaga as well as government members.I hope that the words that were said here resonate beyond that debate. That is why it is so important that the Leader of the Opposition's call for a summit on family violence be heeded.

It is so important that we expand the conversation around family violence and that we bring all relevant voices into this debate. While we take these steps to look to the future, to look to solutions and to look towards a world that is free from gender inequality and a country that is free from gender inequality, we cannot forget that victims today need support now. In my community, there are more than 40 referrals to Victoria Police related to family violence every week. Unfortunately, victims do not have the confidence that there are services available to support them through this process. While we embark upon this big conversation, this government must invest in valuable support services now.

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