Grattan Institute Highlights need for Cities Policy

The experts are beginning to notice the folly of Tony Abbott’s complete lack of a policy relating to the development of the Australian cities.

On Sunday, the Grattan Institute released its report, Mapping Australia’s Economy: Cities as Engines of Prosperity, which highlighted the urgent need for the Abbott Government to have a comprehensive policy for our cities.

Andrew Giles MP said: “The Abbott Government is doing the exact opposite of what this report is recommending by shutting down the Major Cities Unit.

“This means we’re flying blind in terms of trying to understand the Australian economy of the future.’’


Australia is one of the world’s most urbanised countries, with a population set to reach 40 million by 2060.

“In order to manage this growth, we need a government that is prepared to show leadership in this area. Cities are everybody’s business.

“The Grattan Institute report shows the challenges we face, but also the opportunities we can take advantage of if we get cities policy right,’’ Mr Giles said.

Labor is filling the void this government has left, and has already received a positive response from experts, including the Grattan Institute, as well as from community leaders who wish to brief Labor members about issues affecting all of our cities.

We recognise that Australia in the 21st century can realise its opportunities only if it engages with the great challenge of ensuring that our cities are as productive, sustainable and liveable as they can be.

Mr Abbott’s hand-off approach to urban policy, including his blanket refusal to invest in urban public transport, will short-change the nation.

It will reduce urban amenity and deny the community the important economic productivity gains that can be realised through effective Commonwealth leadership in our cities.

The Grattan Institute’s report can be found here.

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