Inter-generational Report: Still no Cities Policy

The release of the Inter-Generational Report confirms the malign neglect by the Abbott Government of our cities.

Under Labor, the previous IGR paid attention to and was mindful of the role cities play in our present, and will play in our future.

Yet cities barely rate a mention in today’s report, despite 80 per cent of our national GDP being generated, and four out of five people living, in our cities.

The jobs of the future and population growth will be in our metropolitan cities – where are the Abbott Government’s policies to manage and facilitate this?

In contrast, when in government, Labor released Australia’s first national urban policy, called Our Cities, Our Future, a roadmap for policy makers to make cities policy for current and future generations.

Even in Opposition, Labor had policies and ideas for our cities ready for implementation in government.

In this spirit, Labor continues to engage stakeholders, experts and community members about cities policy through the Urban Policy Dialogue and Caucus Committee for Cities.

Labor has already released a ten-point action plan for better, more prosperous cities aimed at lifting productivity, sustainability and liveability of urban Australia.

A critical party of Labor’s agenda in government will be to promote jobs growth closer to where people live and to invest in better public transport so Australians can spend less time stuck in traffic commuting to work and more time at home with their families.

Only Labor has the policies and the sense of purpose for our cities’ current and future generations.

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