Joe Hockey All Talk and No Walk on Infrastructure

Today’s attempts by Joe Hockey to influence the world on the delivery of infrastructure are made absurd by his poor performance on the home front.

Greater coordination of infrastructure in emerging and advanced economies is essential to improving the productivity and liveability of our cities.

This makes the Abbott Government’s decision to axe the Major Cities Unit and refusal to convene the Urban Policy Forum all the more damning.

“If the Government can recognise the need for greater coordination of infrastructure via the G20, why can’t he recognise the same need in Australia?” asked Andrew Giles MP.

“Our cities are crying out for Commonwealth leadership when it comes to the coordination of infrastructure, but the Abbott Government has abandoned the field.”

“The appointment of Anthony Albanese MP to the role of Shadow Minister for Cities demonstrates that Labor takes our cities seriously,” said Mr Giles.

Labor is seizing the initiative and convening the National Urban Policy Dialogue to hear firsthand from experts about the challenges facing our cities, and to contribute to the urban debate.

Labor’s Cities Committee continues to meet with commercial, community and academic stakeholders. This consultation process will inform Labor’s policy position in the lead-up to the next Federal election.

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