Liberals demand their own government release schools funding plan

Yesterday afternoon in the Senate, the Liberals agreed to a motion demanding their own education minister immediately release a plan for schools’ funding.

Time is running out. Schools need to plan for next year, and the years after.

But that is proving very difficult given the uncertainty the Liberals have created around future funding for schools. 

Parents, teachers, principals, schools have all been begging the Government to release its plan – we can now add Liberal senators to that list.

The Prime Minister must urgently direct his education minister to comply with the Senate’s resolution. If he doesn’t, we can only conclude that the Government has something to hide.

This is a significant embarrassment for the Government who after three years of chaos, including leaks from Cabinet, have yet to reveal what they propose to do about schools’ funding.

The Liberals also agreed:


  • that they had cut $30 billion for schools, breaking an election promise to match Labor's funding plan dollar for dollar;


  • that disadvantaged schools are still struggling without adequate funding;
  • that the Prime Minister had suggested cutting all federal funding from public schools; and
  • that they had torn up agreements negotiated by the previous Labor Government that required states and territories to grow their investment in schools and improve teaching quality, literacy and numeracy.

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