Parliamentary speeches

Connie Boglis

June 16, 2021

I rise to pay tribute to an extraordinary constituent of mine: Connie Boglis, a woman who has done so much for so many. Today Connie has been in Canberra in conjunction with the announcement of a new sculpture to be installed at the War Memorial called Every Drop Shed in Anguish, which is for all those who experience trauma from military service, for those who have watched family members suffer and for visitors to reflect on these experiences. I acknowledge Minister Chester for his role in this.

Some years ago, in respect of the circumstances of her partner, Jesse, a veteran, Connie asked, 'Where do I grieve?' That's a question none of us would like to ask, but it was a question that needed to be asked and, more importantly, it needed to be answered. Connie's selflessness, her courage in telling her story, has made a difference. It's made a difference within my party—she is the president of Labor for Veterans—and it is now making a difference more broadly. She made a powerful speech today in conjunction with the unveiling of this sculpture, and I would like to read her closing words into Hansard:

To our ADF community across Australia, I'm sorry if you felt forgotten and your pain was just too much to bear. To the families, I'm sorry if your voices have not been heard and no-one knew what you have been through. To the partners who've seen it all, I'm sorry. Thank you all for your service. This memorial is for you.