Micah Challenge - Speech in Parliament

Mr GILES (Scullin) (13:39): On 24 June, I met with Shelley Taylor, Tony Dawson, Cherry Johnson, Jesse Mawson and Andrew Palmer, who are involved in Micah Challenge.

Micah Challenge is a movement of Australian Christians speaking out against poverty and injustice. Since 2005, participants in Micah Challenge have campaigned in support of Australia doing all we can to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals to tackle some of the most harmful aspects of extreme poverty around the world. Meeting these goals and effectively contributing to tackling global poverty have been, until recently, a bipartisan commitment, first made by Prime Minister John Howard and supported by parliamentarians from all parties. Micah Challenge's current campaign focuses on shining the light on tax avoidance and evasion, with the amount foregone dwarfing that spent on aid to developing countries.

I was struck by how well informed, articulate and passionate those giving the presentation to me were, particularly given Cherry's relative youth. Their presentation went to how tax avoidance and evasion in developing countries are major obstacles to lifting people out of poverty. Therefore, on behalf of Micah Challenge, I ask the Treasurer to ensure this issue is dealt with at the G20 meeting in Australia.

I want to thank Micah Challenge, particularly Cherry, Tony, Shelley, Jesse and Andrew, for their work and for their generous offering of two delicious apple pies—much appreciated by hungry members and staff, including some present here! I wish them well and will do all I can to help shine the light.


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