More Uncertainty for Our Cities and Our Environment

The Abbott Government has taken another backwards step from our cities and our environment with its review of the Commercial Building Disclosure Program (CBD).

This unnecessary review will cause uncertainty for building owners who want to build environmentally efficient and friendly buildings.

‘As the United States and China leave Australia behind when it comes to tacking climate change, this is yet another reminder of how out of touch Tony Abbott is when it comes to our cities and our environment,’ said Andrew Giles.

The purpose of the CBD is to improve the energy efficiency of Australia's large office buildings by ensuring owners disclose how energy efficient a building is to prospective buyers and tenants.

According to experts, the CBD is, ‘a proven program which has been effective in improving energy efficiency’ and this review ‘creates uncertainty’ about its future.

‘Tony Abbott needs to come clean about his true intentions for this program and whether this review is just a cover to scrap it,’ said Mr Giles.

Buildings in our cities have a vital role to play in tacking climate change. This was recognised by the United States and China in their joint announcement, which included a Climate-Smart/Low-Carbon Cities Initiative.

Under this initiative, the two countries, ‘will share city-level experiences with planning, policies, and use of technologies for sustainable, resilient, low-carbon growth. This initiative will eventually include demonstrations of new technologies for smart infrastructure for urbanization.’[1]

‘This is a recognition by the United States and China of the role that national governments have in our cities, and the role the cities play in our environment,’ said Mr Giles.

‘Tony Abbott needs to stop make excuses about his Government’s short-sightedness, and start taking our environment and our cities seriously.’

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