New Call for Action on Outer Suburbs

Labor joins the National Growth Areas Alliance in calling on the Abbott Government to invest in Australia’s outer-suburbs.

Chair of NGAA, Mayor Glenn Docherty today stated:

“We need assistance from Commonwealth and State Governments for the roads, the public transport, the health and the education facilities that will connect residents to jobs and services and businesses to their markets.”

Figures released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirm that capital city growth is responsible for almost 80 per cent of population increases in 2013-14.

Significantly, the largest population growth is in outer-suburban areas, creating drive-in, drive-out suburbs where residents can afford housing but where local job opportunities are limited.

Unfortunately, the Abbott Government has no policies and no desire to better connect Australia’s outer-suburbs to jobs and opportunities.

Comments by Joe Hockey that cities are “not our (the Commonwealth Government’s) jurisdiction” underline this reckless position.

The NGAA represents 24 local government authorities that cover some of the nation’s fastest growing outer-suburban areas – it should be listened to.

Australia needs a Government that’s prepared to take responsibility for where four out of five people live and 80 per cent of our national GDP is generated.

To this effect, Labor has released a ten-point action plan for better, more prosperous cities aimed at lifting productivity, sustainability and liveability of suburban Australia.

It’s time for a Government that takes our cities seriously.

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