OECD confirms gains to be made from needs based investment in education

Labor welcomes the release of the Education at a Glance 2016 OECD Indicators report overnight, which shows that by international standards Australia is performing well, but more needs to be done to deliver world class teaching and learning to all Australian students.

The report indicates that despite Australia’s total investment in education being around the OECD average, private contributions are significantly higher, particularly in tertiary education where non-government funding is the fifth highest across the OECD[1]

Labor knows that improving education is the key to opportunity, to innovation and to the future economic and social prosperity of our nation. We cannot afford to be left behind by international standards.

OECD evidence is that socio-economically disadvantaged students still struggle to get the educational opportunities they need to succeed. The OECD findings support Labor’s plan to address inequalities in education opportunities through needs-based funding, based on the Gonski education reforms.

The OECD report also finds that the social and economic gains from tackling low performance dwarf any conceivable cost of improvement in educational outcomes[2]

Labor will fund students on the basis of need, with investment flowing to government, Catholic and independent schools.

Labor will invest so that every school can provide every child with:

  • More individual attention;
  • Better trained teachers; and
  • Better support for students with a disability

Labor’s plan for investment in better outcomes will have transparency and accountability arrangements to support evidence-based programs in classrooms, measurable improvements in teaching and learning and will not allow new funding to be used to prop up state budgets.

Labor’s Your Child. Our Future was designed to drive reforms that improve teaching and learning – securing Australia’s long-term economic future and giving students the basic skills they need for the jobs of the future.

Labor’s plan was designed to see every student get a better education, in every school around Australia.

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2 Education at a Glance 2016 OECD Full Report, p. 14.

[1] Australia – Country Note - Education at a Glance 2016 OECD Indicators (OECD), p. 3.

[2] Education at a Glance 2016 OECD Full Report, p. 14.


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