Property council calls on Abbott Government to act

A KPMG report commissioned by the Property Council of Australia has called on the Abbott Government to get involved with cities policy.

The report, which analyses the United Kingdom’s City Deal approach, offers an example of a national government that takes its cities seriously.

"Once again it has been left to third parties to do the research and demonstrate the value of a national government having a cities policy.

"This is an important report that is of particular relevance to Australia, which is one of the world’s most urbanised nations," said Andrew Giles MP.

The Property Council of Australia stated, "Australia has the governance architecture to support a City Deal approach – but it would take a step change in collaboration by all levels of government."

Labor’s Cities Committee will be meeting Ken Morrison, Chief Executive of the Property Council later this year to discuss this report and cities policy in Australia more broadly.

"I look forward to hearing first-hand from Mr Morrison, and call on the Abbott Government to follow the lead of David Cameron’s UK Conservatives to have a Minister for Cities and a comprehensive cities policy.

"On coming to power, the Abbott Government shut down the Major Cities Unit and has yet to publish an updated version of the State of the Cities report. This is vital to understanding our cities," said Mr Giles.

The Abbott Government needs to follow Labor’s lead by re-establishing the Major Cities Unit,publishing an updated State of the Cities Report, and most importantly, taking our cities seriously.

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